Download an ebook of Emmy’s Groundbreaking:  Psychotherapy and the Quest for Happiness or of her Handbook of Existential Therapy Everyday Mysteries or of her recent co-authored Skills in Existential Counselling and Psychotherapy.


An entry for Emmy van Deurzen exists on the English version of Wikipedia:

Emmy has a Facebook account as well as a group for Emmy van Deurzen, a group for Existential Therapy, for Existential Coaching and for the New School of Psychotherapy and Counselling.  She is happy for interested people to join these groups and take part in discussions.

Emmy also has a page on LinkedIn and groups for Existential Therapy and Existential Coaching to which she welcomes new members.

Emmy’s psychotherapy training school in London: The New School of Psychotherapy and Counselling can be found on:

Her private practice is at Dilemma Consultancy:


This website also gives details of her availability for giving international lectures and workshops.

Her life training classes are run through the Existential Academy:

Emmy has painted in oils for many years and some of her pictures can be seen at:


She has also written numerous songs and has recorded some of these on Youtube.  You can find her there under the name of emmyzen

Her twitter account is also in the name of @emmyzen



Link to an interview for a Greek newspaper;

Have a look at a podcast of Emmy van Deurzen’s talk on the Emotional Compass for the Society of Psychotherapists: 

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  1. Dear Emmy,
    It is good to have got toknow you a little better at Psychotherapy Council meetings.
    I have been wondering if you would consider running for chair. I know ou have been there before and at EAP level too.
    But few are willing and able to stand up to Andrew and as you are well known have a clear vision for psychotherapy
    and are articulate then you could weather the election and get us back on a more democratic pathway.

    Please consider it.

    Many thanks,

    brion sweeney

  2. Dear Emmy van Deurzen,

    We are writing to invite you to present at a 2-day conference about nonspecific factors in psychotherapy in in May 2015, in Copenhagen, Denmark.

    Due to our interest in the universal healing dynamics of the human psyche and the nonspecific or shared factors in psychotherapy, we would like to arrange a forum for in-depth dialogue and discovery of the common factors in adult psychotherapy; through shared reflection on video clips of live sessions.
    We would love to have you be one of the four presenters showing and discussing a video of your work at this two-day event.

    We are inviting psychologist Paul Gilbert from the UK with Compassion Focused Therapy, psychiatrist Ilan Kutz from Israel with his award-winning trauma therapy documentary Dolphin Boy, and psychologist Lars Sørensen from Denmark with Integrative Psychotherapy.

    Our possible dates are in the late spring of 2015, on May 19.-20. or May 26.-27.

    We are psychologist Susan Hart and psychotherapist Marianne Bentzen, and we have developed a meta-theory of personality formation based on neuroaffective and developmental psychology. Susan has published 10 books on the subject with the Danish textbook publishing house Hans Reitzels Forlag, and one of these books is co-authored with Marianne. Susan’s two books on neuroaffective development have been published in English with Karnac Books and Norton Books respectively.

    The 2015 conference will be our second project with this format.
    In 2012 we hosted a workshop on nonspecific factors with four brilliant child psychotherapists, in which they each presented a video session of their work, followed by a discussion of shared or common principles and interventions. Before each of the four presentations Marianne and Susan briefly presented an element of our neuroaffective model of developmental psychology, the neuroaffective compasses, to help tie the very different modalities together in a common framework. The 2012 seminar was extremely well received by 250 enthusiastic participants as well as the presenters, and we wrote a book about the process, which was published in Danish in 2013 and will be published in English by Karnac Books this coming autumn.

    The conference days will have four work sessions of about 2.5 hrs each. In each session Susan and Marianne will present a piece of neuroaffective theory for about 15 minutes. Next, one of the four presenters will then have approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes to present a video and their theory, with a break of approx. 20 minutes in the middle of the presentation. Each session finishes with about 45 minutes of shared reflection with all four presenters moderated by Marianne and Susan – about the change factors we all noticed in this session. During the reflection time we will take a few questions from the audience.

    Since all four presenters are involved in each reflection time, we can offer you a fee for two full workshop days at DKK 17.000, or approximately € 2270.- per day as well as travel costs and accommodations.

    We are excited about this project, and we very much hope you will join us for two exciting days in Copenhagen in May next year. For planning purposes, we also hope to hear from you before April 15th.

    Warm regards,

    Marianne Bentzen & Susan Hart

  3. Dear Emmy
    I am MA in philosophy . I have some questions about Existential psychotherapy. how can i ask you? here? may i have your email address?

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