Emmy’s 2012 workshops and lectures

Emmy van Deurzen
Presentations, public lectures, workshops and international teaching
Summer 2012

Kiev, Ukraine: 29 April -3 May: teaching on Existential Skills for the East European Association of Existential Therapists.
London, UK: 1 June: one day workshop on Living with your Emotions. New School of Psychotherapy and Counselling: www.nspc.org.uk office@nspc.org.uk or 020 76240471
Athens, Greece: 15-18 June: Public Lecture on ‘Discovering Values through Crisis’ and launch of Greek translation of Skills in Existential Therapy, followed by two day workshop on Existential Skills and evening training session on Existential Supervision, organized by Gignesthai: http://gignesthai.gr/
Toronto, Canada: 26-29 July, Key note on Suffering and Meaning at International Conference on Meaning, followed by workshop on Working with Emotions, http://www.meaning.ca/conference/
Lima, Peru: 6th-9th September: Key note and workshop on Existential Therapy for the Latin American International Conference on Logotherapy and Existential Analysis: http://www.congreso.logoterapia.pe/

*Geneva, Switzerland, 26th October, keynote address for the European Association for Counselling  20th anniversary conference.

10 thoughts on “Emmy’s 2012 workshops and lectures

  1. Hi Emmy,

    Are your workshops overseas in English? If so, where will you be heading later this year and 2013? If you can respond via email, what would be great. Thank you.

    • I have put all my upcoming lectures on this site.
      I will be speaking (in English always) in Toronto at the International Conference on Meaning at the end of July and In Lima, Peru (in English with Spanish translation) at the international Latin American conference on Logotherapy and Existential therapy in September. In October I will give a keynote lecture at the European Association of Counselling Conference in Geneva.

  2. I am wanting to find out if you run online courses for Counselling and Psychotherapy that are approved by the BACP, and if so costs and timetable. Many thanks. Pauline

  3. Hi Emmy
    Very interested in the range of workshops you have given in 2012. We would be very happy if we could invite you to speak for us in Stratford upon Avon, Warwickshire in 2014. Having trouble locating your email address, so hope this reaches you. Thanks, Stephanie

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